Protecting from Social Media

Protecting your data privacy from various social media platforms

Social media is everywhere, from the biggest to the smallest organisations, all a have social media presences, some peoples whole lives are on these platforms.

Social media provides a prime target for companies wanting to sell a product or service as they can view (almost in real time) the changing mood and opinions of the general public. Using this knowledge they can actively cater to their target audience, moving from trend to trend. It is essential your data is protected from these companies. To achieve this various settings can be accessed and changed accordingly. While these social media platforms have these settings available by law, they do not make it easy or in fact clear that they are available to change. Facebook for example benefit greatly from the selling of user data on their platform, in 2018 the tech giant was found to be sharing data between other tech and entertainment firms (namely Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify and Yandex) and while these companies are claiming they had no knowledge the information being shared  was particularly special or illegal, Facebook had outright defended their business practices

The articles and guide available in the following posts provide further information on protecting your data on various social media platforms. The platforms targeted here are, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Within the articles are the recommended settings to apply. These guides have been tailored to provide maximum protection, but only if followed in their entirety. This does not mean however, that you must follow this guide fully as many parts are optional (although recommended). If you wish to keep some settings on/off in the name of convenience, it is more than acceptable. Please bear in mind changing settings can result in the social media platforms being far less personalised in terms of advertisements and content.

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